AKAI ALX-4277 - Bought via QXL from Bluebuy - bluebuy.com / bluebuy.de.

AKAI ALX-4277 - Bought via QXL from Bluebuy - bluebuy.com / bluebuy.de

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'The Wall'......

My email: johnnyfribert@gmail.com - Location: Denmark


Jan. 5., 2007: Bought TV on Bluebuy (bluebuy.com / bluebuy.de) QXL Auction.
Jan. 17., 2007: TV is delivered from Germany

Oct. 7., 2007: TV starts to misbehave.
Oct. 7.,8., 2007: We document the problem in writing and pictures. We contact Bluebuy.
Oct. 15., 2007: Bluebuy contacts me.
Oct. 16., 2007: I get the first calls related to freight. Bluebuy wants to take the TV to Germany for repair
Oct. 16., 2007: We find the original packaging on the loft, unmounts and packs the TV.
Oct. 17., 2007: TV picked up and on its way to repair.
Nov. 6., 2007: According to a Bluebuy rep., the TV is now at the repair shop
Nov. 7., 2007: One month have passed
Nov. 13., 2007: My contact person at Bluebuy is not at bluebuy anymore. I have no new contact person. Bad news...
Nov. 13., 2007: Email to Bluebuy to get a status. No answer yet.
Dec. 4., 2007: No answer yet. Very Frustrating.
Dec. 5., 2007: Surprise. We got a mail from Bluebuy in Germany. Seems that they want to make a refund.
Dec. 5., 2007: Bank account information forwarded to Bluebuy in Germany.
Dec. 10., 2007: Mail from Bluebuy Germany. Refund seems to be approved.
Dec. 11.,12.,13.,14.,15.,16.,17.,18.,19.,20.,21.,22.,23.,24.,25.,26.,27.,28.,29.,30.,31. - 2007, Back in waiting position...
Jan. 6., 2008: More than 1 month since Bluebuy got the bank transfer information...
Jan. 8., 2008: Email from Bluebuy - they will transfer the amount immediately....
Jan. 1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,8.,9.,10.,11.,12.,13.,14.,15.,16.,17.,18.,19.,20.,21.,22.,23.,24.,25.,26.,27.,28.,29.,30.,31. - 2008 - Still Waiting..
Feb. 1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,8.,9.,10.,11.,12.,13.,14.,15.,16.,17.,18.,19.,20.,21.,22.,23.,24.,25.,26.,27.,28.,29. - 2008 - Still Waiting..
Mar. 1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,8.,9.,10.,11.,12.,13.,14.,15.,16. - 2008 - Still Waiting..
Mar. 17., 2008: Discovered yesterday that BlueBuy GmbH was overtaken by a company called TR Handel GmbH.
Mar. 17., 2008: Some additional searching the net also seems to include other companies - dubli (dubli.com), AHOT Service Center,
Mar. 17., 2008: and possibly other companies. I wonder where my TV is right now!!!
Mar. 18.,19.,20.,21.,22.,23.,24.,25.,26.,28.,29.,30.,31. - 2008. Still Waiting..
Apr., May., June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct. - 2008. Still Waiting..
Nov. 1. - 2008. Still Waiting..

I have asked for a second opinion about this case from the European Consumer Centre (EU funded):
The center has opened a case with a case number in Denmark and Germany, however, they closed the
case in June 2008, as the German office could not get in contact with the company...
Their proposition: Judicial Dunning Procedure (Mahnverfahren)! End of that case...
Found several 'incidents' on the net. See for example this DOOYOO.DE link: Click Here.

Various searches: Judicial dunning procedure, Mahnverfahren, Jesper Sjølund, Sjoelund, Sjölund, Bine Ryberg, Dubli, TR Handel, AHOT, Bluebuy, GmbH, QXL,