Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Weavings, Macramé (knotted things) and other Artwork.
Created by Annie Sussie (AS) (1943-2004).

Plan is to split it into sub-pages with ballpoint pen drawings, paintings, written art, history, etc.

Below the sub-pages, each art piece will have its own page.
Some of the pieces will have a story attached and sometimes some of the items/things that inspired the
creation of the specific art piece will be mentioned or pictured.

Some items may be for sale, however, price tags have not yet been finalized

This drawings with the 'eye', Sussie made by hand with ballpoint pens (this is from a webcam picture):

This drawing is also shown below (digital camera picture) and is 'clickable'.

Here are some more:

VARIOUS SIGNATURES (NOTE: She did not sign all her paintings and drawings):

----> Press here for a list of various paintings, drawings, sketches, poetry, unfinished work, and other artwork (unsorted).

And now for something quite alternative:

Look at this picture and try some self-hypnosis. Sit down with a straight back in a safe place. Look at the geometric figure on the screen from approx. 20-60 cm. distance (effect varies per person).

Keep your attention on the figure and on the top of your head. After a while, you will have fantastic feelings, maybe even sexual, but that depends on the individual. Find a safe place, as you may fall into some kind of meditational sleep.

Before use: Scroll so that this picture is alone on the screen without any text.